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Community Patrols of New Zealand


Last updated June 2022​

The first steering committee meeting for the re-introduction of CPNZ into Avondale with reps from Avondale Business Association, Whau Local Board, Council and NZ Police.


CPNZ is returning to Avondale and Waterview Patrols.

CPNZ (Community Patrols of New Zealand) is a local volunteer-lead organisation that, like the Maori Wardens, works closely with NZ Police. It will be asking for volunteers soon to commit 3-4 hours a month to patrol our neighbourhood – a small commitment with a big impact.

It’s been estimated that a well-run community patrol such as CPNZ can reduce crime in an area by as much as 20%.

Did you know, the police and CPNZ determine their patrols by the amount of reported crime in an area – that’s why it’s so important to report crime - not just share on Facebook!   If burglars have been successful in your street, they will return to where they had success! So, even if it’s too late for you, reporting can help your neighbours.

Report crimes that have happened at:

We’ll be putting our feelers out soon to see who would like to be involved – this is our neighbourhood and we can all take ownership of making sure it’s a safe one.

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