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CCTV Cameras 

Avondale Mainstreet is committed to providing a safe environment for businesses; residents and shoppers.  In 2022, the association CCTV cameras throughout the mainstreet and it is committed to increasing this coverage.  Having CCTV in Avondale assists with crime prevention; and gathering evidence of crime and health and safety issues.  The cameras record 24/7 and footage is stored for 28 days.   NZ Police has live access to the cameras for emergency purposes.

Who May Request Footage

  1. NZ Police

  2. Anybody legally requiring footage as long as the provision of the footage does not breach the rights of any person under the Privacy Act 2020.  We may require you to supply a police report number.

  3. The Ministry of Health, to prevent or lessen a serious threat to public health.

  4. Any court in New Zealand, subject to the request not breaching the Privacy Act 2020, or a suitable undertaking being provided by a party able to give such undertakings that the Footage will be suitably handled.

Make a Request for Footage

Please complete the following details.  Note, requests will only be considered if they meet the appropriate criteria.

Thank you. We'll get in touch shortly.

For further information, please contact

Cynthia Crosse


Ph 027 367 4400 

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