Avondale Mainstreet is the outward facing brand for the Avondale Business Association, which has been serving our local business community since its incorporation in 1998.  


The association is also set up as a Business Improvement District.  Read about the difference between the two below:



The Avondale Business Association was incorporated to look after the best interests of local businesses and to improve local economic development in the area.  It is run by an executive board comprised of local business members.


Each year, an AGM is held to vote for the board members.  You must be a member of the association to vote and serve.


Membership is free and we welcome applications using this Membership Application Form.


The business association governs the BID targeted rate grant.


Like 47 other business associations throughout Auckland, Avondale Business Association is partnered with Auckland Council under the Business Improvement District (BID) programme to help boost the local economy and business environment.


Property and business owners within the BID area pay a targeted rate to Council which is made available to the business association to use on its activities.


As businesses within the BID area pay for the running of the Association, we do not provide services for businesses outside the BID area.

Check here to see if your business is situated within the BID map area.

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