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Avondale Business Association 

Avondale Mainstreet is the outward facing brand of the Avondale Business Association, which has been serving our local business community since its incorporation as a Society in 1998. 


The association promotes economic development in our town centre including assisting with the business needs of our 250 or so members comprised of both business and property owners.


Avondale Business Association is run by an elected executive board comprised of local business and property owners who are voted for at the annual AGM.

Meet the Board

The Avondale Business Association holds an Annual General Meeting each October, when an Executive Board is elected from the local property and business owners.  Our 2023/2024 board members are:

The Manager


Our manager, Cynthia Crosse, reports to the board and is responsible for writing and rolling out a business plan each year, under the direction of the Strategy plan.  All documents are approved by the membership at the AGM each year.

Mb 027 367 4400

Meet the Board
The Manager
Attend A Board Meeting

Attend an Executive Board Meeting


Members of the Business Association are welcome to attend our monthly Executive Board meetings.  Please contact the Manager for the date of the next meeting and to provide notice of attendance. Items for discussion of General Business should be proposed with a minimum of two weeks’ notice to enable time to add to the agenda.


Please note that information discussed in these business meetings is confidential to our members; punctuality and a high standard of professionalism and respect is mandatory.


Non-members wishing to attend an ABA meeting should make application to the Manager.

Important Documents

The following draft documents were approved by the members at the 2023 AGM.

Please email the manager if you would like copies of these documents from previous years. 

Important Documents

Business Improvement District

The Avondale Business Association is one of 60 or so Business Improvement Districts in Auckland.  This means that property and business owners within the BID pay a BID Targeted Rate in their rates to Council.  Council then makes these funds available to the association to use on its activities.  The board determines how this money is spent via its business and strategy plans.  Click here to read more about Council's BID policy.

How much you pay

Total funds received from Council amount to $154,000.  To find out how much your business is paying into the BID programme, see the reverse side of your commercial rates invoice. 

Business Improvement Districts


The area that the business improvement covers is clearly demarcated.  Click below to open the BID map to see if you are building or business is included.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting takes place in October each year.  At the 2023 meeting, we enjoyed presentations from WLB Member, Ross Clow; The Trusts CEO, Allan Pollard; and Ockham Developments co-founder, Mark Todd as well as the People's Choice Business Awards. 

Annual General Meeting

Become a Board Member

Each year, members are sent a Nomination Form whereby they can put their name forward to be elected to the board at the annual AGM.  Read a little here about the various roles.

If you have an interest in joining the board, please contact our Chairperson, Marcus Amosa on mb 027 391 7155.

Become a Board Member

Become a Member of the Association

If your business lies within our BID map area, you may join our business association.  Please check the BID map above. 

Please note that membership is free.  The benefit of becoming a member is that you can vote at our Annual General and Special meetings, and you will also become eligible to be voted in as a board member.

To become a member of the Avondale Business Association, enter your details below.  We will confirm membership by email in due course.

Become an Associate Member of the Association

If your business falls outside the BID map area, you may apply for Associate Membership status.  Please email the manager to find out more.

Become a Member of the Association


We invite you to get in touch with questions and feedback.  Please email the manager Cynthia Crosse or contact a board member directly. 

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