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The Avondale Spider

In 1999, the giant fibreglass and steel spider that sat atop Mobil Avondale was removed due to a change in policy by Mobil Australia. The spider is a Huntsman – a native of Australia which is known to span 20 cm when the legs are extended. Hunstmans arrived in Avondale in the early ‘20s probably in a load of railway sleepers delivered to the local station. The newcomers settled in the area and came to be called Avondale Spiders.


The Business Association paid for the removal of the Spider, and for refurbishment and storage until a suitable site was located.


“Dale,” as it was dubbed at the time, re-emerged in July 2002 as part of the launch of the new Town Square.  It is a monster stainless-steel and fibreglass life-like model approximately five metres across, weighing 500-600kgs. It was mounted on a stainless-steel web, six metres above the ground.


Grants from the Portage Licensing Trust and the Avondale Community Board, in addition to funding from the Avondale Mainstreet Programme, made the $50,000 project possible.

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