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Avondale Te Whau History Walk.

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With the Walk Auckland app from Auckland Council, the history of Avondale and other Auckland suburbs is at your fingertips.

Walk Auckland is an augmented-reality (AR) walking tour mobile app that explores the history of our suburbs.  It features hundreds of historical photographs from Auckland Libraries’ Kura Heritage Collections Online database and other sources. And it includes detailed research prepared by research librarians and local history experts.

The Avondale Te Whau History Walk is a 24-stop loop that takes about two hours to complete and covers nearly three kilometres beginning at the Avondale Library.  Highlights include the former post office, the railway station, Hollywood Theatre, St Ninian’s Church, the Avondale Spider, and the racecourse.  Once you finish the walk, you will see Avondale in a whole new light.

The app and all tours are completely free and can be used on both iOS and Android devices. The app features a dozen walking tours of Auckland with more added regularly.

Scan the code to download the app now.

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