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Lighting up the town

Avondale Mainstreet flicked the switch on this vibrant new lighting display in March 2024.  The creative lighting scheme combines a large A.V.O.N.D.A.L.E.  Soon, coloured lights will also be installed on the school fence to up-light the copse of notable trees that line the street.


A.V.O.N.D.A.L.E in lights speaks of our collective pride in our neighbourhood.  The display connects the two once disparate parts of the town centre and rekindles the heart of Avondale town centre, reviving it as a vibrant creative community hub.  Avondale is no longer a pass-through suburb, but a destination.

The light also provides essential nighttime lighting for improved safety along that strip.

The realisation of this two-year project was made possible through generous funding by The Trusts Community Foundation.  And we owe huge gratitude to Avondale Primary School principal, James Williams, for allowing us to use this site and for sharing our vision for Avondale.

P.S.  For those of you who have asked, the lights were note based on #ILOVETAUPO or the American Hollywood sign but were inspired by Detroits Christmas lights.


Above:  Avondale Mainstreet chairperson, Marcus Amosa with TTCF director and Whau Local Board member, Ross Clow.

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