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Maori Wardens

The Avondale Business Association was pleased to welcome the return of Ngā Wātene Māori O Akarana (Maori Wardens) in March 2022.

It is their love of Avondale people that has brought Ngā Wātene Māori (formerly, the Akarana Maori Wardens) back to our neighbourhood. In fact, they have a history here being once headed by founding members Junette “Nan” Riley and Haki Waikato back in the 1980s. Now Jojo Paikea, is at the helm and sees that Avondale can benefit from their awhi once again.

The guiding principles of the Māori Wardens are respect, awhi, aroha, and whānaungatanga. Their values - rangimarie, manaaki, kōrero, whakaiti, tautoko and pono. Alongside these values, the Māori Wardens have an intimate knowledge of and close connection to their local communities, so don’t hesitate to say hi when you see them in the street.

Māori Wardens have been supporting communities for over 150 years and have well-established relationships that enable them to work closely with whānau, Māori organisations, community groups and government agencies.

Despite their distinct uniforms, they are not police, but they have legal responsibilities under the Māori Community Development Act 1962.

To contact the Nga Watene Maori O Akarana (Akarana Maori Wardens) email CEO, Joanne Pakea,


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