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Ravi Raniga

SuperValue owner, Ravi Raniga (right, pictured with senior staff member, Joni), was born in Fiji to parents of Indian descent. Growing up around business savvy relatives there and later in New Zealand, he says he was "blessed" to have the knowledge and opportunities available that helped him get into business. However, it’s the cultural values he was raised with that drive him rather than the money. Like it is for his family, commerce for Ravi is an opportunity to spread kindness and help others.


"If you are only there to make money and sell whatever you have, then you will never succeed. You [should] always think how can I be best at this, always be kind to people and everything will start to look after itself. Being a good human being is what you need to be to progress in life – you have a mind of a businessman only to calculate your profitability etc."


"Always think of helping someone. It gives you the satisfaction that no business deals can give you. That is the mentality that we have got and the culture that we have been taught. So hopefully I can pass that on and actually continue doing that."


Ravi and his business partner took ownership of SuperValue Avondale only weeks before the nationwide lockdown in March this year and says they are "grateful and humbled by the support" from their customers throughout. He also emphasises their keenness to continue serving the local community as best they can.


To that end, SuperValue has already generously supported community projects like Rosebank School Breakfast Club and the Avondale Wolves league team.  Ravi encourages other community groups to reach out when in need as well.


"The team is also keen to hear from locals about what they’d like to see stocked at their supermarket, so they can shop locally instead of driving elsewhere for their food shopping." 

Photo by Bayly & Moore.  Text #iloveavondale

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