Maintenace problems

Maintenace issues on public property are the responsibility of Council.  You can report a maintenance problem online.


The online service saves you time, and allows you to track progress and receive notification when the job is completed. 


Simply upload the details and a picture and the job will be sorted.  The service is mobile friendly. 


You can report on:

  • Maintenance issues such as a broken park bench, or a blocked toilet

  • Rubbish:  Illegally tipped rubbish or overflowing litter bins; missed or late rubbish collections, etc.

  • Public transport, parking and roading issues

  • Graffiti in the community

  • Dogs wandering off-leash — Dog control


Remember, Council is only responsible for issues related to Council property such as parks, community facilities or venues, roadside or public spaces, and yes, the old 3 Guys site.

To report something that is causing an immediate risk to the safety of a person or property, always phone Council

on 09 301 0101.

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