9 December 2019

Getting stuck in!

Photo Credit:  Jody Yawa McMillan

Having successfully advocated for change over the past year, the ABA is delighted to celebrate an enthusiastic new board.  Funding has been reinstated by Council and we are at the beginning of a new future for Avondale. 


Our mission now is to transform the Association into a well-organised, strategic-thinking body that is effective in achieving its stated objectives, while building positive relationships with businesses owners, stakeholders, community and council organisations.


Over the coming year, Avondale businesses can expect meaningful benefits from their association - better communication; effective promotions and events; projects that tackle business security and lighting concerns; and projects that help to beautify our town centre.


Stakeholders and the community can expect better communication and a more strategic way to collaboratively achieve overlapping objectives.


We've fought hard to get to the start line and we’re excited to now focus our energies on making things happen.


We are most grateful to all of you who have given voice to the need for change and supported our work to date. 


See you on the street!



Marcus Amosa
Avondale business association


For all enquiries please contact:


Cynthia Crosse

Interim Manager


Mb 0274 030982


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