If you’re looking for a solid commercial property investment or for a home for your thriving new business, Avondale Mainstreet may tick all your boxes.


First, if you do not live here, you may not be aware what a great place Avondale is.  Seldom do you find a community that is so identified with its neighbourhood – residents here have a great sense of ownership of Avondale and are eager to proudly support local endeavour.


Sitting on the edge of the inner city, real estate is changing hands at a rate of knots and younger families with higher disposable incomes are flooding into the area.  Coupled with a global movement towards hyper-localism, the Avondale Community is primed to spend money in the mainstreet - on businesses providing modern, high-quality offerings.


Since opening in 2018, Browne St Café has quickly become a local favourite.  It was the first to inject a contemporary eatery option into Avondale and it has been rewarded with consistent patronage.  This was followed in 2019 by Barbarino’s Spaghetteria.  Its shrewd operators (of Sugar Café and Winona Forever fame), pitched an affordable Italian option with great food and chuffable wine that has similarly proven to be a winning formula.


Avondale Dental co-owners, Victor Young and Tim Little have been working together as dentists in Avondale for nearly 30 years.  They both own commercial properties in the area and chose recently to reinvest in Avondale by creating a purpose-built, state-of-the art dental clinic which is one of the most modern and well equipped in the country.


“At the time we decided to move to larger premises, we had a sufficiently-sized and loyal patient base to be able to set up anywhere in Auckland,” says Victor, “so it was important for Tim and I to ask whether we wanted to stay in Avondale and the answer was a resounding ‘yes.’”

“Working from the suburbs and with economy of scale, Avondale Dental is able to offer fair and reasonable prices while providing patients with highly-trained staff and world-class treatment.”

“We feel that we are contributing to the community here, and that our patients appreciate us for the difference we make – for the vision we have for their dental health, and that of their families. So, for us, it was a no-brainer to reinvest in Avondale.”



Panuku Development Auckland, the Auckland Council organisation helping to rejuvenate parts of the city, has identified Avondale as an area of major opportunity.  It has plans to revitalise and intensify Avondale over the next 15 years with development of a new street-front community centre anticipated to begin by 2022. 

Along with supporting the upgrade of the town centre, Panuku is encouraging the growth of local businesses.


The Ted Manson Foundation has purchased 1843 Great North Road, Avondale and is set to build approximately 140 residential units. The design of this site is now underway.


This on the back of the Ockham Residential development of 26 Racecourse Parade alongside the Avondale Racecourse which opened doors in 2019.  Property developer Mark Todd confidently predicted: "Avondale is going to be the next Kingsland."


The newly opened Roomie Apartment Hotel at 3-7 Layard Street with a range of studio accommodation is also set to make a dent on Avondale’s economic landscape.

And last, but not least, Auckland Transport will begin a streetscape enhancement project in Avondale with the addition of street lighting before the end of 2020.



Avondale is a Central Auckland suburb just 9km from the bustling and vibrant CBD.  It offers excellent public transport options with a train station just a few minutes’ walk from the mainstreet and a thoroughfare for the major bus routes.

Its Rosebank commercial/industrial district with 500 odd businesses offers employment opportunities for some 8000 workers and it is nestled between the SH20 and SH16 motorway routes for ready access to the city and airport.


Additionally, we have a Whau Ward Councilor, Whau Local Board and Avondale Business Association each supportive of, and working well together towards, boosting economic development in Avondale. 

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